Custom designed mosaic




What is Pezzettini?

Pezzettini, which translates to "little pieces", are 10x10x4 mm tiles, from which we arrange personalized mosaics creating one of a kind decoration. We can use any photograph or graphic as an inspiration. There are no limits to size or colors and it always fits the space perfectly.

How does it work?

  • Choose a picture, graphic, existing pattern or just an idea as base for mosaic.
  • We will prepare draft project and send you high quality visualisation free of charge.
  • Once project is accepted the mosaic will be created in our atelier.
  • Mosaic is securely packed and can be delivered anywhere!


Pezzettini is all about freedom of choice and imagination. We can make any design idea come true in mosaic, but we also prepared few patterns that can be used to generate unique compositions with parameters of your choosing, like colors, size of elements and many others.


Pattern created with basic element in colors from choosen palette. You can even propose your own shapes and colors. Read more.


Realistic mosaic created by image-processing algorithms based on any photograph or graphic. Background can be separated and filled with other colorful patterns. This eye-catching work of art can be used like traditional tiles or as separate decoration creating interior design focal point.


Randomized mosaic of choosen colors. You can pick many shades and create unique composition.


Colors gradient. Choose size and colors, transitions, areas, orientation or just describe what you have in mind to our designer and we will create unique design. The pattern is planned to fit the whole surface, for example from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall so there is no empty spaces and no observable repetitions in the whole composition unlike in mass-produced tiles.


Horizontal or vertical stripes generated from choosen colors. Minimum and maximum lenght of each element is configurable and special algorithm guarantees beautiful randomness and that the pattern is unique and fits the whole surface perfectly.

Projects and ideas

* Please note that some of the pictures are very detailed and you may see some distortion due to image compression used for your smooth browsing experience.